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Friday, 28 March 2008
Last Updated ( Friday, 28 March 2008 )

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 Alleged UFO Pictures Cause Controversy On Net

Researchers Admit They Can't Prove, Disprove


Could the quiet seaside town of Capitola, Calif., end up challenging Roswell, N.M., as the country's capital for extraterrestrials?

Still photographs of alleged UFOs have been appearing on multiple Web sites across the Internet.

Some UFO researchers believe the pictures show an extraterrestrial drone hovering over the city of Capitola.

However, no one has taken credit for snapping the photographs.

Now, other photographs are appearing on the Internet from an anonymous source claiming to be involved in secretive work on extraterrestrial projects.And his photographs show a similar object apparently under study, along with schematics.The anonymous source, known only as "Isaac," feels the two objects could be related.But even the UFO researchers admit that they cannot prove or disprove authenticity of the images.

Viewers Reply:


"It's important that people do their homework before reporting 'facts' There are dozens of photographs of this type of 'drone' from several people with incredible close-ups and it's much wider than just Capitola.

If you want to see amazing images of these drones check out 'earthfiles.com '

Take the time to read all the witness statements and the Department of Defense worker, Isaac's site about the work he did. The information is unlike anything else I've come across. It's amazing people choose not to acknowledge whats happening right now."
Article found at http://www.knbc.com/news/15722632/detail.html


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