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Sunday, 25 March 2012
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The Acceleration of the Supernatural and War - L.A. Marzulli Interview

Interview Notes - (PDF Format)

Dr. L.A. Marzulliphoto - Columnist to DryWind.net, Dr. L.A. Marzulli is the best selling author of the Nephilim trilogy. He received an honorary doctorate from Pacific International University for his work on the Biblical subject of the Nephilim. Marzulli’s new book, Politics, Prophecy and the Supernatural, further expands on his considerable research in the subject of UFOs, Abduction Phenomena, and genetic manipulation from the grounding of solid Biblical prophecy. Marzulli came to know Jesus Christ after the disillusion and deception of New Age spiritualism. View his website and read his blog at SpiralOfLife.com

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Interview found at http://drywind.net/blog/ 



Best of P.I.D. Radio: Tom Horn — Dominionism and the Rise of Antichrist

Tom Horn
Tom Horn

Following Rick Warren’s “Saddleback Civil Forum”, a two-hour event broadcast live on CNN and Fox News that brought John McCain and Barack Obama together in public for the first time in this presidential campaign, it seemed appropriate to bring back one of the most important interviews we’ve aired on P.I.D. Radio. You see, we feel that a man responsible for pastoring the 22,000 souls who attend his mega-church has better things to do than inject himself into a political campaign.

But this isn’t new territory for Warren, author of the best-selling The Purpose-Driven Life, who has made a practice of hobnobbing with world political and business leaders in recent years. Warren has plied his influence with American evangelical Christians into active roles with the Council on Foreign Relations, the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, and now Tony Blair’s Faith Foundation, an interfaith organization formed to further the U.N.’s Millennium Development Goals by bringing the Abrahamic faiths together to fight social ills.

In other words, Rick Warren has signed on to the unbiblical agenda of the United Nations and he’s drawing American evangelicals into it through his newly-formed P.E.A.C.E. Coalition. The end apparently justifies the means — but just what is the end?

In the fall of 2005, we talked with Tom Horn, former pastor, publisher of Raiders News Network, and the author The Ahriman Gate and Nephilim Stargates: The Year 2012 and the Return of the Watchers, about Dominionism. He explained why this heresy, which has deluded many well-meaning American Christians into confusing love of country with love of God, will color the way Americans perceive the imminent “disclosure event” and pave the way for the Antichrist.

Show links:

Note: P.I.D. Radio is part of the Revelations Radio Network, a collection of like minded Internet broadcasters. You’ll find all the shows collected at www.RevelationsRadioNetwork.com.

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60 Minute Interview


Best of P.I.D. Radio: Stan Deyo — The Tower of Babel and the Return of the Sumerian Gods

Stan Deyo
Stan Deyo

From the archives, a show that we originally posted December 6, 2005, presented here for the first time in CD quality audio:

Our guest was scientist, archaeologist, and author Stan Deyo, who discussed the Tower of Babel, Tesla coil technology and how both might have been used as portals to other dimensions — inhabited dimensions.

Stan also revealed that sources inside the Defense Department are whispering about a coming event they call “the return of the Sumerian gods”.


* Stan Deyo’s website
* Victory stele of Naram-Sin, which Stan referred to during the interview (note that the interpretation at the linked site differs from Stan’s)
* JP Morgan hires 4,500 grads in India
* Chemical in plastic can damage young brains
* The president’s younger brother on tour with Sun-Myung Moon

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45 Minute Interview



Joe Jordan on Abductions and Spiritual Warfare


This is an interview that Joe Jordan did on 08/18/08 with Future Quake internet radio. Joe, as you recall, was one of the central figures of the Roswell session that Greg Bishop blogged about dealing with deliverance from abductions via the name of Jesus. On the show Joe was questioned about and answered in regard to the Current Spiritual Warfare Realities Behind The UFO Abduction Phenomena. Perhaps this MP3 is representative of what took place at Roswell.

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1:53 Minute Interview



Dr. Mitchell featured on the Kevin Smith show today

Dr. Mitchell featured on the Kevin Smith show today - he reveals much more about what motivated him to make the recent ufo statement, he also speaks about what he saw on the moon and the trip there and why he has concluded the Roswell crash was an alien craft.Overall its a very good interview and you can listen to it below.


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67 Minute interview



A War in the Heavens - Ali Siadatan Interview on UFOs from a Biblical Perspective

Posted in Interviews, UFOs and Bible Prophecy at 12:32 am by (drywind.net)

( View Interview Notes )

Born in Iran, and now based in Canada, Ali Siadatan has been involved in a life long search into spirituality. After examining many perspectives his heart was opened to the gospel and he become a disciple of the Nazarene. He feels that the hand that has guided him through life has led him into the examination of the relationship that exists between angels and UFOs.

Ali is the director of the critically acclaimed file UFOs Angels and Gods, and you can get more information at ThinkAgainProductions.com


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 67 Minute Interview 

 Interview found at http://drywind.net/blog/


P.I.D. Radio 7/6/08: Guy Malone — Roswell, UFOs, and End Times

July 6th, 2008 at 1:18 pm

THE 61st anniversary of the most famous UFO crash in history was celebrated this weekend in Roswell, New Mexico, so of course we had to turn to the man on the scene, Guy Malone. He shared with us a rundown of the official events taking place there, which, interestingly enough, were coordinated by Joe Jordan of the Alien Abduction Crisis Centers of America, a Christian deliverance ministry.

Guy reiterated what we believe about UFO phenomena: Some of them are real; they’re not from outer space; and the passengers are definitely not friendly.



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60 Minute Interview

Interview found at http://www.pidradio.com/

News Conference 1966 of Major Donald Keyhoe and Don Berliner of NICAP

This is a audio of a new conference with Major Donald Keyhoe and Don Berliner of NICAP In 1966

Major Donald Keyhoe


He was a retired major from the United States Marine Corps. He is known primarily as the author of a number of nonfiction books and articles dealing with aerial phenomena. It was his conclusion that these phenomena were interplanetary in origin. He became the famed Director of The National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP). Outside this subject, he wrote a biography of Charles A. Lindbergh titled "Flying With Lindbergh."

Don Berliner

UFO Researcher : Don Berliner


 Don Berliner
Chairman, Fund for UFO Research
Aviation/science writer

Author of numerous books and articles on aviation history and sports aviation. Member, Experimental Aircraft Association; Society of Air Racing Historians; International Association of Aviation Historians.

President of the FUFOR, he has written "Crash at Corona" with Stanton Friedman and "Ufo Briefing Document: The Best Available Evidence".

Don Berliner has written more than 300 magazine articles and 25 books on aviation history and space and was also a staff writer for the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP). He is board chairman of the non-profit Fund for UFO Research, Inc., and is a delegate to the UFO Research Coalition.

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25 Minute News Conference


News conference with Frank Edwards UFO investigator and Newsman

Frank Edwards is usually the one everyone wants to talk about first, regarding June 24th. Before there was Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell and George Noory, there was Frank Edwards of the Mutual Network, with one of the earliest late night national radio talk shows exploring mysterious topics. He called his program, "Stranger than Science," and covered everything from Bigfoot to UFOs. It became so successful that his first book from renegade publisher Lyle Stuart was Stranger than Science in 1959, chuck full of information on cryptozoology as well as ufology.
Lyle Stuart
Frank Edwards

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16 Minute Program 


John Milor Interview - Aliens, Angels, and the Antichrist (drywind.net)


 We explore with John the reality of the UFO phenomena and how it relates to the Bible, Jesus Christ, and the battle for the souls of mankind.  Notes from John Milor Interview (pdf) >>

 John Milor has been an active Christian researcher into the subject of UFOs, aliens, and the angelic reality  for well over ten years.  He is the author of 6 books, including Aliens and the Antichrist and Aliens in the Bible.  John is also a Master Sergeant in the Air Force.

John takes on the idea that acknowledging existence of paranormal phenomena like UFOs is not in conflict with Bible and a Biblical world view.

Furthermore, John tells us that UFOs and so-called aliens are a manifestation of what is a cosmic, inter-dimensional conflict between God’s angels and the fallen angels.

John’s books are distributed through his website aliensandtheantichrist.com

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40 Minute interview

Interview found at http://drywind.net/blog/