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Monday, 06 June 2011
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Dr. Barry H. Downing


Dolan and Zabel, in their book A.D. After Disclosure, have a chapter sub-heading entitled, “The Vatican Moves Toward Disclosure.” They say that “The world’s largest church seems to be positioning itself to be the world’s most open religious institution, at least regarding life elsewhere in the universe.” (p. 253) Dolan and Zabel point to the Vatican’s interest in astronomy, as well as to persons close to the Vatican, like the late Msgr. Corrado Balducci, who has spoken openly about his belief UFOs are real and extraterrestrial.

[I found no reference in Dolan and Zabel to the Eastern Orthodox tradition and UFOs; an internet search for “Eastern Orthodox Church and UFOs” yielded little.]

No Protestant denomination has anything like the Vatican. Vatican City is a sovereign state within the city of Rome, Italy. Within its walls are a little over one hundred acres, established as independent from Italy in 1929. Public safety in the Vatican is maintained by the Pontifical Swiss Guard. Regulations for the Vatican are usually published in Italian, while regulations for the Holy See, the Roman Catholic world wide church government, are usually published in Latin. The Pope, however is head, as a monarch, of both the Vatican and the Holy See.

Interestingly, it is the Holy See that conducts diplomatic relations with the nations of the world, not the Vatican. Catholic diplomats are called nuncios, and go through special training before being assigned.

The Vatican is sometimes seen as a place of intrigue, as in the film “Angels and Demons” (2009), staring Tom Hanks, and based on the book by Dan Brown. In the film Hanks stars as a symbologist who has specialized in the “Illuminati,” a secret group that has for centuries tried, in the name of science, to avenge the crimes of the Roman Church against science. In some ways the film is just another terrorist bombing story, but it does give an inside view of how the Vatican works.

I want to talk about what I would do about UFOs if I were the Pope. (I do not think this fantasy is based on Protestant envy, but I cannot be sure.) I would ask my ambassadors (nuncios) to enquire of other nations concerning their views of the UFO situation. Are they extraterrestrial? What is their threat assessment? What is their origin, and purpose?

We do not know what the responses might be, but I would guess that the U.S. Ambassador would say that “UFOs are a highly classified subject, and I do not even have access to this information myself.” But according to the rules of diplomacy, the Vatican would not even be able to make this statement public. We have seen the storm caused when Wikileaks started releasing classified diplomatic documents. The Holy See has to play by the world’s rules in regard to diplomatic secrecy, otherwise it will not be given confidential information.

But if a Catholic nuncio to France were to ask about UFOs, he would probably be handed the French COMETA report, which states very directly the UFOs are real and extraterrestrial. If the nuncio asked for specific examples, he might be told of the French Air Force pilot, who with his wife, witnessed a UFO landing, on December 9, 1979, a little over 200 yards from their home. They said it was about 65 feet in diameter, and “the object looked like two reversed saucers pressed against each other, with a precise contour, a gray metal color on the top and dark blue below, with no lights or portholes.” (Maj. Gen. Denis Letty, “The Birth of COMETA,” chapter 13 in Leslie Kean’s book UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record, 2010, p. 124)


As the diplomatic reports come in, as Pope I would appoint someone to coordinate the information, and recommend both a private and public position for the church. Msgr. Corrado Balducci seems to have carried out this role for the Pope. Balducci was trained in the theology of the demonic, but became well known for TV appearances in which he spoke of the reality of UFOs, and held the position that they were extraterrestrial, and from the “natural world,” not the “supernatural world.” Balducci would conclude, after hearing many stories of how the UFOs appeared to be solid, and metallic, that we are dealing not with the supernatural, but rather with an advanced technology. I question the Balducci position, that UFOs are neither angels nor demons. Biblical people saw UFOs, and met “angelic beings,” but these primitive people would not be in a position to distinguish between the “supernatural” and the “super-technological.” We need to remember “supernatural” is not a biblical word. (See my article “The Balducci Interview and Religious Certainty,” at Strong Delusion Archives, and in the MUFON UFO Journal, September 1998, p. 16 ff; also see my article “Biblical Miracles as Super-Technology,” in The Encyclopedia of Extraterrestrial Encounters, 2001, p. 111 ff.; also see Whitley Strieber, Confirmation, 1998, “Extraterrestrials and Christianity,” interview with Corrado Balducci, conducted by Michael Hesemann, p. 265-274.)

Balducci was also trained in the Vatican to be a nuncio. Whether he served as an ambassador who sought UFO information from other countries is not public information, and by the rules of diplomacy, could not be. If Balducci learned that the United States is in possession of crashed UFOs, and dead (or alive) aliens, this is not information he could disclose.

But the Catholic Church, in the eyes of Dolan and Zabel, is in a sense “out front” in regard to extraterrestrial contact, compared with other branches of Christianity. So far as I know, the Pope has said nothing about UFOs—this protects the credibility of the Pope, in case his nuncios have been given misleading information. But at the same time, if the Day of Disclosure comes, Catholic leaders will be able to say, “We told you so.”

Dolan and Zabel point out that the Vatican’s astronomer, Guy Consolmagno, has spoken openly about the possibility of life on other planets, and he gained some media attention when he said that he would offer baptism to aliens. AOL News contacted me for a response to the Consolmagno baptism idea, and I asked “why would we suppose that they [aliens] would not already have the Holy Spirit, and not need to be baptized by the Church?” (AOL News, September 24, 2010)

I do not think we should suppose that the Universal Christ has been confined to our planet, and our historical time, in a universe that is 13 billion years old. We do not know what Jesus meant when he said, “And I have other sheep, that are not of this fold.” (Jn 10:16; maybe he meant the Gentiles, or maybe he meant beyond this world.)

The people of God have frequently supposed they have the right to restrain, or put boundaries on, the Spirit of God, and by implication, to limit the love of God. If God is love (1 Jn. 4:8), the church makes a bad witness whenever we imply we control the love of God. Consolmagno’s offer of baptism appears generous, and positive, but it represents a kind of arrogance that the church should avoid, but rarely does. The Bible reports an Exodus experience when God was going to pour his Spirit in a special way on the 70 ruling elders of Israel. They were all called to the Tent of Meeting for an early Holy Spirit baptism, but two did not come. There was some surprise when the two who “remained in the camp” received the spirit (Num. 11:16-35). When the Holy Spirit was given at Pentecost, it fell on all nations and tribes (Acts 2).

The Holy Spirit even came on Gentiles who had not been baptized, in response to Peter’s preaching, much to the surprise of Christian leaders (Acts 10:44-48). Baptism was administered after the Holy Spirit was given, as a kind of quick follow up to what God had done without church permission. But I think it is better hospitality to offer baptism to UFO strangers (Heb. 13:2), than to condemn them as demons, as conservative Christians like Gary Bates does in his book Alien Intrusion (2004). Bates condemns me as a believer who has been “deceived and fallen away.” (p. 327) He condemns me and my book without quoting a single sentence from it. Maybe I am deceived, but I think the Sodom story, not to mention the demonizing of Jesus by religious leaders, ought to make all Christians be very careful about how we demonize strangers.


Although I believe there are weaknesses in the current Roman Catholic position in regard to UFOs, I prefer it to the frequent Protestant position that UFOs are demons. One problem Catholics will face when Disclosure comes is identifying the difference between a UFO sighting, and an official Catholic miracle. The story of the miracle of Fatima, Portugal, in 1917 is a good example. The miracle was preceded with reports from three children that they were having occasional visitations from the Virgin Mary, while tending their sheep.

On October 13, 1917, a huge crowd, perhaps 50,000 people, saw a strange large sliver aerial disk in the sky, which went through an unusual series of motions. The light from this UFO was as bright as the sun, but the witnesses could stare at it without eye strain. The challenge here is though this is seen as a miracle by the Catholic Church, from the point of view of UFO researchers, it sounds like a somewhat standard UFO report, with some strange “paranormal” fallout. The Catholic Church claims this as a miracle. UFO researchers see it as typical of a flying saucer sighting. How do we tell the difference? Is there a difference? In what sense is this a supernatural event, as opposed to a display of advanced technology? (See Ann Druffel’s article, “Fatima,” in The Encyclopedia of Extraterrestrial Encounters, p. 188 ff.)

At the end of UFO REVELATION 1, I put forward the hypothetical scenario: what if a UFO landed “in a poor community in Mexico, and a human got out of the UFO and said, ‘I am Jesus, I am come to the least of you on earth. I want all who believe in me to repent, and turn to God and your neighbor for forgiveness. Very soon I will be returning with my angels in judgment. The earth, my bride, is not ready for me, but I yearn to come. Please tell the world I long to come, ‘Surely I am coming soon.’”

I then ask, how would Christians react to this kind of Disclosure? The Roman Catholic Church would investigate this. The Fatima story, with its focus first on the children, on “the least of us,” fits the divine pattern. Jesus landing, not on the White House lawn, or at the Vatican, but in a poor town in Mexico, fits the gospel priorities we all know. It would surprise the Catholic investigation team that Jesus got out of the flying saucer, not the Virgin Mary. They would question the witnesses, they would be slow to call this an official miracle. But they would take the report seriously.

Protestant liberals would ignore this all together. They believe in neither miracles, nor UFOs. This would be just another religious myth, they would stand firmly in the skeptical tradition of scientists like Donald Menzel and Carl Sagan.

Protestant conservatives would say this is just typical Catholic superstition, which the Reformation got rid of with it doctrine of “scripture alone” as the rule of faith and practice. If Jesus stands in front of us, and says hello, this is “experience,” not scripture, and counts for nothing. Others, like Gary Bates, would say that the Mexico UFO story is a further example of demonic deception.

Not long ago I gave my standard UFOs and the Bible talk to a local group, with a strong emphasis on the Exodus UFO. After the presentation, a woman spoke to me, saying she was Roman Catholic, and she appreciated my presentation. I said, “Catholics seem to handle my biblical interpretation better than Protestants.” She asked, “Why is that?” I said “Because you Catholics believe miracles can happen any time.” She said, “That’s right, we have visions of Mary all the time. In fact, Mary spoke to me when I was in Guadalupe.” I have to confess that my Protestant mind froze at that point, and I did not ask the obvious question, “What did Mary say?”

During 1984 I conducted a survey of theological seminaries in the United States, sending out four questions to one hundred seminaries. One response I received was from the very Rev. J. Edgar Bruns, from the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New Orleans, dated December 20, 1984. He did not just answer my questions, he wrote a letter saying, “I strongly suspect that many UFO sightings are authentic, i.e., not hallucinations or misperceptions of ordinary phenomena or of military experiments. It would be my assumption that any genuine UFO was controlled by intelligent beings from another world.” He went on to say that our salvation in Christ is not threatened by an alien presence, and referred to the C.S. Lewis’ trilogy dealing with outer space concepts (“Out of the Silent Planet” etc.) “If intelligent life exists elsewhere and has not fallen from Grace, I would consider such creatures equivalent to the biblical angels.” (Letter in my possession.)

Both based on the public positions taken by Roman Catholics, apparently with Vatican approval, as well as my direct experience in discussions with Catholics, I believe they are much better positioned than Protestants, either liberal or conservative, to deal with UFO disclosure. Dolan and Zabel are right to say that Roman Catholics are best positioned among Christians to deal with Disclosure when it comes. Conservative Protestants are caught up in their fear of deception and demons, which I admit is no small issue. But liberal Protestants are clueless, and I will try to explain why in UFO REVELATION 7.

Dr. Barry H. Downing

June 5, 2011

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1. 06-06-2011 18:55

Protestant envy?
Protestant envy? Why would any real Christian be envious of an adulteress harlot like the Roman Catholic Cult? I for one am thankful God has not allowed me to be seduced by this fallen organization. May God's Spirit reject the depraved wolves of apostate Protestant churches that are more eager for unity with the harlot Romanism church than Biblical truth and Jesus Christ!  
The Roman Catholic Church has never been Christian! I pray the eyes of Christians are open to this truth. The pope is a pagan in Christian clothing, nothing else.

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