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Thursday, 15 November 2007

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Lying Wonders

  Finally, here is a book that offers timely and fascinating look into some of the strange happenings invading Christianity today ! Bob Kaminski, a Catholic charismatic, explores the trendy new age paronormal experiences and UFO phenomena with a unique and in-depth sight into the consiousness event he calls the Luciferic intiation.

  At key moments in history, God provides extraordinary spiritual insight meant to alert mankind to destructive forces engulfing His creation. We are now at that threshold in time where we can either respond to the warning of God's wisdom or be drawn away by the allure of lying wonders spoken of in Paul's letter to the Thessalonians.

  The old trickster, Lucifer, has left no stone unturned in this attempt to delude mankind into accepting that which is not supported by God's Word. This book  will inform the reader and challenge the "many paths to God" teachings espoused by today's new age proponents. In addition, you will see the importance of protecting your mind from deceptive awareness and higher level consciousness experieness-the popular rage. 

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