Dereck Gilbert ...LTC Bob Maginnis: Never Submit - SkyWatchTV Web Exclusive (video) PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jim   
Saturday, 02 April 2016
Last Updated ( Saturday, 02 April 2016 )

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1. 02-04-2016 16:58

Now it all makes sense.....
In this interview with Derek Gilbert, Bob Maginnis a high level security person in our political process claims that the number one funded  
ministry in our prisons is middle eastern Islamic persons.The conversion to Islam while in prison is dramatic to say the least... 
Have you ever thought as to why our president has recently released 6 more times 
the amount of any of our previous presidents in his 7 year term...Many of which had life time sentences...I can think of some pretty alarming reasons as to why this may be being done. 
For me now it all makes sense...... 
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Display 1 of 1 comments

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