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Written by Jim   
Tuesday, 21 November 2017
Last Updated ( Tuesday, 21 November 2017 )

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Part 1

Advanced Ancient Technology Discoveries That Will Blow Your Mind - YouTube Published on Aug 11, 2017 If you have any interest in the history of mankind and aren't afraid to disregard mainstream history then you need to take a look at this video. Mounting scientific evidence shows that prior to the end of the Ice Age, 12,000 years ago, a very advanced civilizayion existed on Earth and they were using advanced high technology. This video will try to explain who built the ancient structures scattered throughout the continent. Incredible megalithic Buildings of immense size, weight, precision that really ask who did this? Many stone structures are examined that appeared to have been at least partially created using advanced technologies that the Pharaohs simply did not have; technologies in some cases appear superior to our own. Geologists, stone masons, engineers and other professionals were consulted in order to create this work, along with experts on the oral traditions of this extremely ancient land, and the results will surprise you. Clearly there was a civilization before the Pharaohs who had advanced technologies. (Could these findings better be explained by a Pre Adamite civilization? and if so does it help us understand the original fall of Lucifer, now known as Satan?) Consider The Doom of Satan written by Finis Dake a biblical scholar and author. Located in the archives on this site...Also consider Satan and World Governments, and lastly .... Lucifer Before He Became Satan by Finis Dake
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