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Sunday, 22 February 2009

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Black Eyed Children:

Posted by Lynn Marzulli on February 19, 2009

black-eyed-kids   Yesterday I Blogged about Indigo Children. I had some very interesting posts in the feedback section. Thank you one all for contributing to the content of this BLOG. It’s interesting how one thing can lead to another. I got several posts on Black Eyed Children, and so I followed the links. The words of Linda Moulton Howe, are appropriate here, this is, “High Strangeness!”  Here is the link that Late Night Lisa sent in her comment. http://www.haunteddiary.com/cgi/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=12;t=000132

      As I read the account I was reminded of a scene in Nephilim II, where two hybrids show up at Cardinal Fiore’s house in the middle late one night. The result of their visit is not a good one. Cardinal Fiore pays for this visit with his life.

      If the post that we read in the link above is real, and remember anyone can write anything on the Internet, it is certainly a chilling account that is out of the normal range of human experience. Here’s a few comments on that article and the phenomena in general.

      According to Dr. Jacobs - I interviewed him for The Alien Interviews book - the Aliens have succeeded in creating a hybrid that can pass as human. That being said, are these Black Eyed Children, that seem to appear out of nowhere, early hybrids? Are they hybrids that appear to be almost human except for the large black eyes? Are they being integrated into our society? Are we looking at the modern manifestation of the Nephilim?

      There was one dynamic to the post that really caught my attention. When the children first came to the door they asked if they could come in. I find this very interesting, in that it would seem that they have to have permission in order to violate a person. Is this similar to the fallen angels asking for permission to have access to the female population in the Book Of Enoch? Another aspect was the physical reaction of the man who had contact with these BEK’s. 

I followed him and then I suddenly came over with a really awfull feeling like something bad was going to happen, I became very nervous and a bit shaky. 


     I believe these stories are the beginning of the revealing of the breeding program that has been going on for decades. Will you be prepared for what is coming on the earth? Get the books that will prepare you. Now both for only $10!


Be prepared for the coming Great Deception! 

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