January 30, 2011 - Aerial Mystery Over Jerusalem (Video) Is it a Hoax?
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Sunday, 30 January 2011
Last Updated ( Sunday, 06 February 2011 )

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January 30, 2011 - Aerial Mystery Over Jerusalem.

“This morning on January 28, 2011, around 1:00 AM at the promenade of Armon Hantziv in Jerusalem, I was witness (with another guy) of an amazing ufo aircraft over Jerusalem old city (Mount Moriah) Dome of the Rock, Temple Mount.
What is the meaning of this sighting ???” At about 55 seconds in the object takes off really fast !!


Here is the video from the other person cell phone

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1. 06-02-2011 06:39

Some are reporting this as a hoax if so this is not new, just shows someone is always trying to fool the rest of us. check the other videos after these play at the bottom of the screen by those claiming the Hoax.

2. 05-02-2011 10:26

Can our assumptions be harmful too?
To jump to the conclusion that ALL UFO sightings are Demonic or evil may be misleading. 
The real issue of concern should be the message coming from the manifestation.

3. 02-02-2011 16:44

Bad Angels
making themselves more known for the delusion. :(

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